There’s Always a Good Reason to Start an Accountancy Course

Boring and maths-heavy: this is how the role of the accountant has traditionally been portrayed.

While these are nothing more than common places, facts speak for the importance of accountancy in the current job market and there are now a growing number of reasons to start one of the ACCA courses available.

Direct experience will always be a vital part of the CV, but courses and qualifications in accountancy are now a safer bet compared to many other academic paths whose practical benefits are blurrier in times of recession.

There have indeed been continuous rises in the number of graduate vacancies in accountancy in recent years, despite the global recession: in 2011 the leading UK accountancy firms hired 10% more graduates than in the previous year.

But future applicants have to bear in mind that accountancy is an evolving landscape, and ACCA courses will prepare them adequately: while it’s still important, to a certain extent to be numerical, information technology has reshaped the job of the accountant and made it accessible even to those who don’t have a wide maths background.

For this reason it is important to remember that other skills are now relevant for accountancy positions, which are relying heavily on client service and relationships as well.

Because of this, interpersonal and social skills are a primary element in the big picture of modern accountancy, something that will deserve a relevant part of your CV.

Add that to your work experience and a relevant course, and a whole new world of opportunities in accountancy will open up.

Article courtesy of Kaplan