Why being an undergraduate is great

For many people, university represents their golden era, a time when everything seemed possible and when the world was full of opportunity.
Your undergraduate years are a special time in your life, and should be treasured. Here’s why they are so great.
1. New experiences
Most universities, colleges and higher educational centres provide a myriad of opportunities for any undergraduate with an open mind and an enthusiastic attitude. Whether you want to try hang-gliding, medieval re-enactment, get involved with a particular charity or take up competitive knitting, you will be able to find a society or group who offer it.
2. New friends
For many of us, university is the time where we make the friends who will stay with us for life – the people who will be there at your wedding, who will be the godparents of your children and who will be there whenever you need them (like when you’re too hungover to go to the shop yourself).
3. Time
Although you will spend a lot of your time at university studying like a demon (as well as partying like an animal), you will also be afforded a lot of time – time that you won’t have when you’re working for a living.
Of course, like any student, you’ll spend a lot of that time chilling out in front of the television and discussing what happened last night but it also means more time to learn about who you are and to work out what and where you want to be in life – a rare luxury.
4. Learning
It might sound a bit ‘parenty’ to say it, but learning can be fun. If you’re considering doing a degree, you’re probably an intelligent person who feels the same way.
Learning new things is what keeps you evolving as a human being and helps make you interesting to other people. And unlike school, at university you only study the things you want to learn about.
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