Top Tips For Looking Fantastic This Summer

Advertorial Feature
When the sun comes out to play, so do we – the sunglasses are dusted off, the vest tops go on and the ice lollies are waiting in the freezer to be eaten. As you plan many BBQs and days out you will have to think about the outfits that you could possibly wear. If you’re going to a BBQ then the playsuit never fails. Whether you go for a trousered version or one with a shorter leg, you will be guaranteed to look gorgeous.

A typical fashion dress is also on-trend for the summer, and a perfect way to go from daytime chic to evening goddess. This versatile outfit is perfect for saving money or for those who are on a tight budget. Do you struggle with what to wear to work when it’s hot? A summer dress is the way forward, as there are so many different colours, styles and patterns. If the days are getting chilly then just add a small denim jacket to the outfit.

Look and feel like a princess

In the past few years we have seen great celebrations when it comes to the Royal Family, from weddings to the Jubilee. The influence the royals have on us is far greater than what we think. Fashion gurus are telling us what Kate is wearing, and it immediately becomes the next must-have item for our wardrobe. From shoes to dresses, hats to jewellery, to even anti-ageing creams, the fashion industry has become very royally influenced.

It can’t be sunny all of the time, and when the sun goes in it can be quite chilly. So why not opt for a pastel coloured cardigan or a light material blazer? By wearing one of these you will keep cool and warm while still looking impressive. One item that can always be worn year on year is denim. Whether it is denim shorts, jeans, top or jacket, the material is so versatile that it can be worn during those harsh winter months just as easily as on those hot summer days.

Technology and how it can help

Technology nowadays is a wonderful thing, allowing us to do things we wouldn’t even have dreamed of a few years ago. Technology’s influence is far-reaching, even in the fashion world. You can shop online, get fashion tips and advice, and even work out chic outfit combinations.

There are also plenty of apps available on smartphones and tablets to help you with everything from make-up tips to up-to-the-minute fashion news and trends. Even if you don’t have a smartphone, then there are plenty of websites that can offer help and advice on virtually any fashion dilemma you might have. Check out the Super Savvy Me website for useful information on everything from electronics to fashion.