Why being an undergraduate is great

For many people, university represents their golden era, a time when everything seemed possible and when the world was full of opportunity. Your undergraduate years are a special time in your life, and should be treasured. Here’s why they are so great. 1. New experiences Most universities, colleges and higher educational centres provide a myriad […]

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Writing your scholarship application

If you’re about to begin the process of applying to enrol on a scholarship, you might not be aware that, in order to determine whether you have the necessary skills to take the course, you have to write a scholarship essay. The main reason for this is that the institution which runs the scholarship wants […]

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Top clubbing nights out in Leeds

Leeds is considered by many to be a Mecca for clubbing. This well-deserved reputation was perhaps instigated by the dance music explosion that occurred in the early nineties, which most certainly influenced what are some of the greatest nights out in the country. For unbeatable fun, mainstream clubs guarantee a great night out. Oceana is […]

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