Student Leisure

Although you will be working very hard while at university, it’s also supposed to be a valuable life experience, so don’t be fooled into thinking that you’ll have your nose in a book all the time, there’s time to get out and enjoy yourself too.

Although leaving home is a scary thing, there are plenty of opportunities to make the most of the local social life. Many campuses will be close to town, so getting to the local shops, bars, clubs and restaurants will be easy. Chances are there’ll be sports centres, cinemas, bowling alleys, concert venues, and beauty salons around, to cater to your every whim.

It’s not just about being a girl about town though, there’s a lively social life on offer right on your doorstep. Every university is likely to have a student union, which will organise a regular program of balls, concerts, discos, and cabaret nights. They’ll also co-ordinate activities in student union clubs and bars, use of any sporting facilities, and have information on all the clubs and societies on campus. Here are a few examples of universities across the UK and the leisure facilities and clubs they offer, which may be of interest to female students:

Swansea University:

Societies: Chinese Society, Dance, Photography, UNICEF, Xtreme Radio, Italian Society, African Caribbean Society.

Facilities: Discounted rates at the Sport Centre, which has a 50M Olympic swimming pool, outdoor tennis courts, and sports hall. Student rates also apply to the varied program of cinema screenings, arts, jazz, and music events at the Taliesin Arts Centre.

Westminster University

Societies/Activities: Women’s Football, Women’s Basketball, Cheerleading, Creative Writing, Women’s Take On Current Affairs Society.

Facilities: Student newspaper, uni bars and live music venue offering club nights, karaoke, debates, choral concerts, even a beauty pageant from the Afro Caribbean Society.

Edinburgh University

Societies: 260 societies and 65 sports clubs at this university, including the Fashion and Textiles Society, Singapore Student Society, Zumba Society and various charity fundraising groups.

Facilities: 300 seater theatre hosting music and comedy nights, coffee counter, shop, debating hall, lounge, nightclub, several bars, sports fields, and facilities for a large range of sports.

In essence, your leisure time at university is what you make it, but whether you decide to be a girl about town, and explore all the venues and attractions nearby, or make the most of the sports facilities and clubs on campus, there really is something for everyone.